RapidSpec Refrigeration Sizing Tool

Web-based Sizing, Selection, Quoting and Submittal Program
Easy-to-use pull-down menus for quick product selections and options

RapidSpec is a user-friendly, time-saving and robust sizing and quoting tool originally developed for Rheem Manufacturing’s air conditioning product line. HTPG worked with the Rheem team to design a module specifically for HTPG’s commercial refrigeration products. For commercial refrigeration contractors, RapidSpec provides an easy-to-use, Web-based tool to quickly and accurately calculate box loads, select and size equipment, select options, and generate professional equipment quotes and submittal packages.

  • The Box Load Calculator can be performed in as quickly as 15 seconds.

  • Submittal packages include dimensional drawings, standard features of the units, and the information used to size the refrigeration application.

  • Users have the ability to create a new project, save projects, access their previous refrigeration projects quickly, and use a previous project as a template for a new job.

  • It’s easily accessible via tablet or computer.

 Click here to go to the RapidSpec page to get started.

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